Fast, Low Cost Research

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Do you need fast answers to an important issue, but have a limited marketing budget?

We have developed a process to collect valuable consumer input in a fraction of the time or costs of larger Market Research companies.
We are able to conduct web surveys using your customer lists, your website visitors or we can acquire external lists for almost any customer segment.  External lists includes teens, adults and business decision makers both domestic or overseas.
In most cases, these surveys can be created, implemented and reported within 10 days.
We can either send email invitations to consumer lists or work with your IT department to place links and pop-up invitations directly on your website.

We have used these surveys to successfully:

 - test new features
 - determine brand awareness
 - track brand imagery
 - test new product concepts
 - improve websites
 - evaluate consumer expectations
 - determine ownership penetration
 - estimate market share

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