New Market Evaluation

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Whether you are considering expanding your existing product line to a new market or entering a new product category, MarketWise can help.

Through years of experience, we have developed tools and processes to help you assess the opportunities of new markets.  We can customize these tools to your specific project.  Services that are available include:
  • Market Size - Units and Revenue
  • Market Forecasts
    • Determine primary and secondary users (current and future)
    • Estimate base purchasers
    • Using a collaborative modeling approach, we identify key variables that impact the market, set agreed upon assumptions and detemine Best Case/Worst Case scenarios
  • Competitive Analysis
    • Market Share
    • SWOT analysis
    • Potential new entrants
    • Ad spending
    • Pricing trends
  • Determine barriers to entry
  • Determine purchase drivers
    • Key product attributes
    • Where purchasers acquire their information
    • Prefered distribution channels/methods
  • Explore disruptive product concepts
    • Are there underserved needs?
    • Are there overserved needs?
  • Trends in technology

Secondary Research

We have developed research techniques using the visible and invisible internet as well as a network of experts in many markets

Primary Research
    • Focus groups
    • One on One Interviews
    • Internet surveys
    • Omnibus studies
    • Full telephone and mail surveys
    • Feature Optimization
    • Price Elasticity
    • Ethnicity Studies
    • Forecasting
    • SWOT
    • Product Mapping
    • Correlation Analysis

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