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Custom Programs Developed for Your Business
All companies have a wealth of information within their reach.  However, this information is usually scattered throughout the organization with little awareness of it's existence and rarely accessible by those who need it.  Information is many times isolated to only those in the department where it is collected.
Examples include:
- Order transactions
- Financial transactions
- Customer service contacts
- Product registration cards
- Market research studies
- Industry tracking
- Promotional tracking
- Advertising effectiveness
- Human Factors studies
- Customer returns
- Distributor/Retailer feedback
The difference between average companies and Best in Class companies is the ability to collect, analyze, collate and disseminate information throughout the organization.  Companies that can quickly understand their customer's needs can react before their competition.
We offer a customized service to help you -
- identify what information you currently collect and what are your information gaps
- turn raw data into actionable information
- organize your data and create accessible portals for all managers responsible for decision making
- link information to your product development, customer service policies, marketing communication strategies and other key decision processes

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